This year our residency verification process is online!

New Students: Step 1 - Click here and fill out the required information. Then, email your name, relationship, and student's name to  cstewart@bssd.net using the email address you want to use for your Parent Portal.  Your Parent Portal will then be set up and you will follow the rest of the process as outlined for Returning Students.

Returning students need to log in to their Parent Portal account and go to the Forms page on the left column. Please go through and submit each form, ensuring the leaf icons next to each forms page has turned yellow or green.

If you have any questions or issues with Parent Portal account, please email cstewart@bssd.net as soon as possible.  If you are needing a new password, please do not wait for the system to reset it.  If you are having trouble uploading your documents, please send them to the above email address.

If you have any questions, please call Claire at 816-874-3680.

Thank you for your prompt attention to getting your Ranger enrolled!