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  We are pleased to announce the kickoff of our annual trash bag sales fundraiser!

These are quality bags suitable in size and strength for all your trash collection needs.   They are much thicker than ordinary trash bags and are in high demand by many loyal customers. There are several different sizes of bags available, but they all cost the same…..only $11.00 per roll.

            Yellow – 39 gallon                                      25 bags per roll

            Pink – 39 gallon                                          25 bags per roll

            White – 15 gallon (tall kitchen)              65 bags per roll

            Blue – 55 gallon (super size)                   16 bags per roll

We are taking orders from November 22nd through December 3rdMoney should be collected when the order is taken.  Checks should be made payable to LTEC.”  Please return the order form by December 3rd.  The bags will be available for pick-up on Friday, December 10thPlease note that 1 case of bags (10 rolls) weighs approximately 50 lbs.  Your order will need to be picked up at school, as the rolls of bags are too heavy to send home with your child.

 We appreciate your efforts to assure this project’s success.  Buy your bag supply from us and offer them to relatives, friends, and neighbors.  This sale is one of LTEC’s main fundraisers for the school year. All profits from this sale will be used exclusively for the benefit of LTEC students and staff members.

Thank you for all you do!

  A girl sits at a table and colors on a coloring book page

Thank you for supporting Community Unity Week this October!

Para helps student with their learning at a table

Thank you for your support on our

Greeting Card Fundraiser!

We beat our goal of 50 boxes and sold 75! 




Girl saying pledge of allegiance in the classroom. 


Please drive safe and slow in the parking lot.


Please note: we have a new traffic plow pattern in the parking lot beginning June 1.

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Please consider downloading the Box Tops mobile app to scan your receipts and earn funds for LTEC today!


New 'Success by 6' Procedures

Success by 6 Resource Centers provide educational training, materials and technology stations for traditional parents, non-traditional parents, teen parents, child care providers, early childhood educators and parent educators. In partnership with local school districts and organizations, the United Way Success by 6 Resource Centers provide a Toy and Resource Lending Library filled with educational toys and books appropriate for children birth to age 8. All materials are available for checkout free of charge to anyone who works or lives with children from birth to the twelfth grade in Clay, Platte, Cass or Jackson counties. Activities and hours of operation vary by location.

Our Success by 6 Resource Center is now located here at LTEC!  ! In an effort to keep our families safe, please call the Cub Care Office if you are interested in borrowing materials from the Toy Lending Library.  We would love to support you and your family!

(816) 874-3680



Earlier this week, Liggett Trail Education Center received a check for more than $6,000 in memory of Randy Henning. Henning's family members, who work in the district and have children at LTEC, visited the building on Monday to present LTEC Principal Dr. Greg Johnson with the funds. In addition to technology upgrades, the Rangers plan to use the funds for a special automobile-themed addition to honor the late owner of Randy's Personal Auto Service. Thank you to the Henning family for this generous donation.

Veteran's Day

Big thanks to Mr. Session for coming to help us learn about about Veteran's Day!


Building Information

3575 SW Liggett Rd.
Blue Springs, MO 64015

Liggett Trail: (816) 874-3680

Cub Care: (816) 874-3490


Dr. Greg Johnson
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Dr. Greg Johnson, Director of Early Childhood and Special Services

Dr. Greg Johnson


Welcome to Liggett Trail Education Center! Home to the Blue Springs School District Early Childhood Programs and Multi-Disabled Program!

Liggett Trail is the new home to all the BSSD Early Learning Programs! If a family needs support for their child pre-natal through 5 years of age, Liggett Trail is the place for you! We offer the following programs at Liggett Trail Education Center:

Parents As Teachers Program: Parents as Teachers is a wonderful program that started in the BSSD in 1985. The founding Director, Mrs. Patty Mohn, envisioned a program that would support the families pre-natal through age 5. Parents As Teachers has been serving families in the BSSD for over 30 years! Our Parent Educators strive to assist our families with a variety of supports while also strengthening our community.

Cub Care Early Learning Center: Cub Care Early Learning Center is the newest addition to Liggett Trail Education Center! Our supportive Blue Springs Community voted in 2018 to build a new Cub Care Preschool that is adjacent to Liggett Trail Education Center. In December of 2020, Cub Care moved from their home on Valley View Rd to their new home at LTEC! Cub Care serves students ages 6 weeks to 5 years old. Cub Care does have Early Head Start and Head Start classes for those families that qualify.

Liggett Trail Education Center: The Blue Springs School District has a long-standing history of excellence in serving students with differing abilities! Liggett Trail Education Center formally opened its doors in August of 2007.  Liggett Trail Education Center serves students in an Early Childhood Special Education setting four days a week, Monday-Thursday. These students are ages 3 – 5 years of age with varying abilities. In addition to serving students in an ECSE setting, LTEC also serves students ages 5 to 21 years of age with Multiple Abilities. The students and their families at Liggett Trail Education Center are truly special!

Success By Six Program: In cooperation with United Way, the Blue Springs School District operates the Success By Six book and toy lending library at Liggett Trail Education Center! The SB6 program offers families the opportunity to “check out” books and toys like you would at the local library! Our toys and books are developmentally appropriate for children ages birth through 5 years of age. The next time you’re interested in trying out a like-new toy or book, please consider giving SB6 a call at Liggett Trail Education Center!



Welcome to Liggett Trail's New Director, Dr. Greg Johnson

Dr. Greg Johnson


LTEC Teacher of the Year

Breanna Willmore is the 2020-2021 LTEC Teacher of the Year! Congratulations Mrs. Breanna!! 

Lisa Stacy

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