New 'Success by 6' Procedures 

Success by 6 Resource Centers provide educational training, materials and technology stations for traditional parents, non-traditional parents, teen parents, child care providers, early childhood educators and parent educators. In partnership with local school districts and organizations, the United Way Success by 6 Resource Centers provide a Toy and Resource Lending Library filled with educational toys and books appropriate for children birth to age 8. All materials are available for checkout free of charge to anyone who works or lives with children from birth to the twelfth grade in Clay, Platte, Cass or Jackson counties. Activities and hours of operation vary by location.

Currently, our Success by 6 Resource Center is located at Hall McCarter Education Center. (During the Spring of 2021, our Center will move to its new location at Liggett Trail Education Center)! In an effort to keep our families safe, please call the Cub Care Office if you are interested in borrowing materials from the Toy Lending Library. A staff member will retrieve the materials for you and bring them out to your vehicle. We would love to support you and your family!

Cub Care Pre-School @ Hall McCarter Education Center
5000 Valley View Road
Blue Springs, MO 64015
(816) 874-3764

2020-2021 Early Childhood Supply List

Liggett Trail Education Center


AM/PM Classes 

1 student backpack 

1 box of kleenex 

1 box of dixie cups 5oz 

1 box ziploc sandwich bags 

1 box ziploc gallon bags 

1 box of baby wipes 


Early Childhood Itinerant Services (I.e. Speech) 

1 box of kleenex 

1 box of baby wipes 


*We are extremely grateful to Epic Church for their generous donation to Liggett Trail Education Center for student school supplies! We have ordered most of the necessary school supplies for this school year. The remaining items would be extremely helpful for our classrooms this year. Thank you!