The Early Childhood Parent Teacher Association (ECPTA) is the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) that supports multiple Blue Springs School District programs as well as community children and families.

Programs include:

  • Liggett Trail Education Center including the Multi-Disabled and Early Childhood Special Education programs
  • Parents as Teachers (PAT)

In addition to supporting district programs, ECPTA  supports community children from birth to kindergarten. We provide parents the opportunity to connect with other parents and educational resources in the community. 


ECPTA Board Members

Carrie Epperson, President

Erin Gill, Secretary

Heather Carriker, Treasurer

Emmalee Keck, Children's Programs and Hospitality

Ashley Dahlquist, Membership

Chris Lievsay, Fundraising

Bekah Blanch, Publicity

Lauren Dahlquist, Historian

Patty Mohn, Success by Six Facilitator

Greg Johnson, LTEC Principal